In the preface of Johan Huizinga's book "Homo Ludens", the dutch historian supported the original thesis that "civilization arises and unfolds in and as playing".

“It is not my object to define the place of play among all the other manifestations of culture, but rather to ascertain how far culture itself bears the character of play”
— Johan Huizinga

It is appropriate to use the term Homo Ludens along with Homo Sapiens and Homo Faber.

This short introduction gives the visitor guidelines to understand Adriano Guidi and his astonishing collection.

Adriano's collection entertains the guests by showing how men and kids had driven toy cars during a vast time gap and how the vehicles were designed to extend legs and feet, evoking in them the image of people playing while moving, moving while playing.

Movement is the collection’s theme. The common denominator for thousands of wonderful objects dwelling here in the museum. This very fundamental need of movement for humanity can be sensed from children's toys, declined in many forms.

From litter to tricycles, carousels, carriages and prams… and all the cars, a series of magnificent full-scale models well-preserved and functioning. Feel the simplicity and the complexity and appreciate the shining colours.

The museum keeps the rich world of crafters, their techniques, knowledge and wisdom and the world of whom enjoyed and drove those objects.

Come and see a dreamy world in motion.