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Rocking Horses

Rocking horses have ancestral origins. Other than the typical rocking horse with rockers, they could have also been provided with wheels to be dragged or driven like a tricycle.

They were originally made of wood, the horse evolves including different materials like fabrics, straw, resin, metal and papier-mache.

After the wars, new models adding, pedal, crank or galloper system to the buggy.


First carriages dated back up to Baroque period, very few copies were produced and even fewer are still intact today.

In XVIII century, they become more and more common within upper-class families and, in XIX century, also affordable to middle-class families. Carriages for children were usually dragged by dogs, goats or ponies around parks and mansions’ garden.


In the heart of Motorvalley

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  • Giocars – Museum Ducati 11,3 Km

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Via Calanchi, 13

40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)



Tel. +39 3334299430 Adriano Guidi, owner Giocars




Opening hours

Thursday and Friday

  • from 14 to 18

Saturday and Sunday

  • from 08:00 to 12:00

  • from 12 to 18

GROUP must be booked in advance by phone


  • Adults € 8,00

  • Residents € 5,00

  • Over 70 € 5,00

  • Under 12 € 5,00

  • Kids resident € 3,00

  • Tour € 10,00

  • Adults Group € 5,00

  • Kids Group € 3,00

  • Card Musei discount € 5,00


Payment Method

The ticket is purchased directly at the entrance by cash or credit card.

School and University

School groups must book in advance.

Photos e Videos

Take pictures and videos is allowed for personal use.

Architectural obstacles

The museum is free from architectural obstacles.


  • Touching or playing with the toys is not allowed.

  • Foods and drinks are not allowed inside the museum.

  • Animals are not allowed.

  • We invite the visitors to behave in respectfully manner.

  • Parents must watch after their children.

  • Phone is allowed as long as its use don’t disturb other visitors.

Rocking horses gallery

La Didattica

la didattica attraverso il gioco

L’ attività didattica Di Giocars, museo del giocattolo in movimento, permette al pubblico di sperimentare il museo come uno spazio da vivere e non solo da osservare.

Il museo offre alcuni servizi didattici: visite guidate per singoli visitatori, gruppi, famiglie, scuole, oltre a laboratori dedicati a bambini e adolescenti.

Per avvicinare i più piccoli alla storia del giocattolo, il museo mette a disposizione, su richiesta, un tour che può approfondire varie tematiche legate alla evoluzione e alla storia dell’aspetto ludico del gioco. Giocars aderirà ad alcune iniziative speciali e organizzerà presso il suo laboratorio dei workshop che verranno comunicati tramite i social.


Giocars, museo del giocattolo

In the preface of Johan Huizinga’s book Homo Ludens”, the dutch historian supported the original thesis that “civilization arises and unfolds in and as playing”.

“It is not my object to define the place of play among all the other manifestations of culture, but rather to ascertain how far culture itself bears the character of play”

— Johan Huizinga

It is appropriate to use the term Homo Ludens along with Homo Sapiens and Homo Faber.

This short introduction gives the visitor guidelines to understand Adriano Guidi and his astonishing collection.